Die Cut Gasket

Die Cut Gasket are used to prevent fluid or gas leaks by providing a barrier between two mating surfaces. The gasket must be able to maintain a seal under pressure and temperature changes. Some gaskets can also be used to shield against electromagnetic and radio frequency interference.

Common types of gaskets include sheet die-cut & molded. In a sheet die cut gasket the gasket material is a flat sheet that can be cut prior to assembly or is already die-cut from flat gasket material. Important specifications to consider when searching for gaskets include maximum operating pressure & operating temperature. Important size dimensions to consider when specifying washers include inside diameter, outside diameter, thickness or working height, and rated or working load. Common materials of construction for gaskets include Aflas®, Viton,Silicon, Hypalon, EPDM, TPR, NBR, Neoprene.

PTFE, PU, SBR & Natural. The hardness rating on a Shore A scale for Gaskets can be 30 ~ 95 Durometer. Exact specifications should be clarified by our engineers, as chemical and physical properties of Gaskets can differ based on manufacturing technique.

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