Rubber Grommets

Rubber Grommets are used for protection of a wire, tube, or various other objects from abrasion when they are passed through metal, plastic, or any material that could damage the outside surface of the item while being installed, or when in use. Additional applications include electrical insulation, noise reduction, vibration isolation and protection from forces generated in compression. There are different types of grommets for a variety of applications. Common types include Insulation Grommets, Vibration Mount Grommets, Long Neck Grommets, Multi Hole Grommets, Blind Grommets, Oval Grommets, Horse Shoe Grommets, Tapered Grommets.

Important size dimensions to consider when specifying grommets include inside diameter, outside diameter, thickness or working height, groove thickness and groove depth. Materials of construction include AflasĀ®, VITON, SILICON, HYPALON, EPDM, TPR, NBR, NEOPRENE, PTFE,PU, SBR & Natural. The hardness rating on a Shore A scale for Grommets can be 30 ~ 85 Durometer. Exact specifications should be clarified by our engineers, as chemical and physical properties of Grommets can differ based on manufacturing technique.

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